The Atheist’s Delusion

Love is the Big Thing – Charles Leiter

Don’t be Scared of the Word Love – Charles Leiter

Benjamin Coy

What is the Bible basically about?

The Spread of the Gospel HD

A Demonstration of Relativity vs Truth

The Standard

Evolution vs God

The Danger of Not Being Able to Give an Answer… When Someone Asks

CFTP | Episode #50 | Theological Discussion | NCT & Baptist Covenant Theology

Jeff Durbin Demonstrating Presuppositional Apologetics With Love

Presuppositional Apologetics, Sye Ten Bruggencate, Patchogue NY

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (Full Movie)

“180” Movie

For My Muslim Friends

“The Forbidden Chapter” in the Tanakh

What is Baptism? By Doug Goodin

Dale Ratzlaff: Does the Sabbath continue in the New Covenant?

How to Answer the Fool

Corinth in Context (Head Coverings)

Love is the Fulfillment of the Law (Paul Washer)

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