God’s Family

When I was a kid, my parents divorced. It brought much pain. The most painful aspect of that experience was … More

Too Many Parents

Right after God commands the “entire Israelite community” to be holy in Leviticus 19:2, the very next thing He mentions … More

Act Like a Man

Psalms 109:9-10 (HCSB) “Let his children be fatherless and his wife a widow. Let his children wander as beggars, searching … More

Sanctifying the Family

Lamentations 5:3 “We have become orphans, fatherless; our mothers are like widows.” Jeremiah, it is most commonly thought to be Jeremiah, … More

Anointed With Baby Oil

Several years ago I read David Wilkerson’s book, “The Cross and the Switchblade”. It’s an autobiographical description of his journey … More

Under Construction

I am a first generation follower of Christ. Basically, what that means is that I am the first of my … More

Commandment 5

Isn’t it just so easy to quote Exodus 20:12 when our kids leave their dishes in the sink, their laundry on … More