Original Music

Several years ago, a close friend of mine who had started a music, computer software company, had me record a piano improvisation piece in order to test out some of his new software programs, which he had developed. After recording me playing, I asked if I could add a melody over the piano piece. I always had an idea for an additional melody to be played over this improvisation piece, however I am not able to play two pianos at once, LOL. Not only was I able to now play over myself, but with this incredible program that he had developed, he was able to convert this added melody into a flute, and also into a viola. (He basically could covert it into any orchestral instrument.) The three recordings below are the result of that day. The first one is just the original piano piece. The second two include the added melody, with the change from a piano to a flute, and then a change to a viola respectively…


Piano and Flute

Piano and Viola (Unfortunately, this recording is at a very low volume, but with headphones it can be heard easily.)

Four-Track Recordings

These next four recordings are some old four-track recordings of other original piano pieces and improvisations, which I had written many years ago. Enjoy…