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The Rejoicing Eunuch

Do You Love the Habitation of God… The Place Where His Glory Dwells? (Proverbs 26: With an Emphasis on Verse 8)

Flanking Romans: To Bring About the Obedience of Faith

Primary History vs Secondary History: The Heritage Which Matters Most

The Christian Walk (It’s Not About Rules)

How to Identify a False god

Get Your Own Dirt

Listen to Him

Too Many Parents

A Picture of Heaven: Enemies Becoming One

Parenting 101: Aquainted With the Sacred Writings

Persuade… With Gentleness and Respect

The Fear of Christ

Charity… Not Sloppy Agape

Servants (Deacons and Fellow Slaves)

Hello, Hello, Anybody Home? Hey, Think, McFly, Think… HIS LOVE IS ETERNAL!!

In the Name of Love (Pride)

The type and antitype of LOVE

Where the Scriptures Point

Atheism (Without God in the World)

A Better Question

Scripture’s Threefold Cord

Put Off/Put On (Embracing its Responsibility)

Rise Up and Walk… With Him!

Watching the Wicked Prosper 

A Fool Answered

Valuable to God

The Small Miracles


Called for Sympathy

There Will Always Be a Last Game… There Will Always Be a Last Conversation

The Election and Complacency

God to Adam, God to the Israelites, and God to the World

Are You Righteous, or Are You a Sinner?

A Better Inheritance, A Better Covenant

How the Book of Judges Illustrates the Humanity and Personhood of the Unborn

A New Commandment?

The Law of Christ

Staying on Top (“Water Skiing” With Charles Leiter)

The Mystery of 87

Some Simple Advice for Voting

A New Creation

But Now…

The Flaw of Gender Sensitive Materialism

The Most Important Question (A Simple Way To Evangelize)

His Bullseye

The Odds of Dying

The “Total Depravity Excuse” (Indirectly Debunked by Dr. James White)

Some Thoughts this Memorial Day Weekend

Spilling Blood (A Difference Between Islam and Christianity)

A Game of Failure

Answering Even More Fools (And Their ungrounded Premise)

Answering More Fools (Yet Another Ungrounded Premise)


The Merism

Squandered Opportunity (James 4:1-10)

The Upward Spiral (A Paradox)

Answering Another Fool (Another Ungrounded Premise)

Why are Christians so Homophobic?

Act Like a Man

“Hey Dad, What’s the Significance of ‘Light and Darkness’ in the Bible?”

Answering the Fool (The Ungrounded Premise)

The End of the Matter – Make Disciples (A verse by verse look at Matthew 28:16-20)

The Age of Accountability RECOGNITION

The Mutual Exclusivity of Atheism and Math

The “Good News”

“There is no ‘Hall of Fame ‘ in the Bible.”

A Convo at the Coffee Station

An Allegiance of Praise… for a Monarch

Does God Ever Speak to Us?

The Lynchpin of Purpose


Holy Children: An Encouragement to the Sole Believing Parent

The Difference Between the Athlete’s Hope and the Christian’s Hope


The Sustainer of All Things


Church Government

Character Flaw

The Confusion of Confucius

The Greater Healing

Preaching the Gospel… to Ourselves

Critiquing Presup:  What the Presuppositionalist is NOT Saying…

What is Truth?

Yoke and Purpose


Don’t Just Drop the Mic

Ministering to the Existentially Obsessed

Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen to Christians? (A Conversation With My 11-Year-Old Daughter)

Behold, You are Beautiful, My Love, Behold, You are Beautiful!


Heis Sarx

One Flesh

The Boy and The Boat: An Illustration of What it Means to be Redeemed

Am I a Christlike Person?

The “Law” Depends on the “law”

Love Fulfills the Law

Atheism at Its Core

Why is Jesus so Hard?

Philemon and Free Will

Calm Down

Atonement Was Limited

A Royal Priesthood

The “NAS Baby”… And the Gospel

Penalty or Prayer

“Hand Me My Two-Edged Sword”


Kairos, Chronos, and Corban

Chewing the Cud

The Cul-de-sac and The Garden

Vicissitudes and Feelings

The Denial of the Wrong God

“Would Bricks Spinning in a Dryer for Billions of Years all of a Sudden Feel Empathy?”

“When We Get to Heaven…”

Sacrifice And Be Baptized

What Is That To You? You… Follow Me

“But… I’m Not An Old Covenant Jew!”

Am I… Evil?

An Atheist’s Appeal… To Obligation?

Gluttony and the Theology of Consumption

The Circularity of Evolutionary Trees

Desire for Your (Husband’s Role)

The Atheist’s Mission: The Denial of ‘Why?’

Some Thoughts this Election Day

Adultery (נָאַף)The Leaning Tower of WorldviewsEvangelizing Secular ‘Animalists’Redefine Marriage?!?!?!?!?!Thinking GenerationallyFood for thought: Why the Calvinist MUST EvangelizeWho Hardened Pharaoh’s Heart?Why I like LukeThe Atheist’s Dilemma: Pilate ErrorAsking for Proof Undermines AtheismCommandment 2: “Don’t Box Me In”That’s Not Fair!!!Talking to a WallSanctifying the FamilyThe Regularity of Miracles, Part II: The Denial of Agency (The Goal of Secular Science)What Image Are You Offering?The Regularity of MiraclesTrusting God: Feeling Better About Feeling BadPraying For and Wrestling With, The Plight of The “Nasrani”Who Exactly… Is Teaching Your Kids Scripture?Asking for a RaiseAnointed With Baby OilStars? What Stars? (The Presuppositional Difference Between Mediate and Immediate Thinking)Peter’s QuoteThey Have Heard of God, But Not of ChristThorns and ThistlesTreating The Bible… As Though It’s The BibleEmbracing SlaveryAnxietyHow Do We (The Brethren) Know? How Do We Understand?“The Shadow Proves the Sunshine”InheritanceThe Figurative Fig LeavesThe Theory of Evolution… Evolved from NothingImmanuel Kant, but Immanuel CanProvoking Our Children to RepentanceWalking in the Light of OughtnessIs Christ Worthy?The Lie of Noncontradiction (being false)CrushedEuthyphro’s DilemmaGod’s StandardPlease, Pass the SaltThe Personal Aspect of ScripturePresuppositional EvangelismOne SittingUltimate Authority: RevisitedTwo NamesDoxologyMilk and HoneyUltimate Authority: The PresuppositionThe Biathlon ChristianSon of GodThe Childishness of Presuppositional ApologeticsThe Beauty of FearLoving Your Neighbor: The New Signs and WondersRiches vs. RepentanceTest the SpiritsThe Christian’s PrivilegeOwed an Apology?The Christian Who Cried WolfA Responsibility vs. A Response AbilityLove Our Enemies?Evangelize!!!Rest… In the AlgorithmGod is Far from InactiveFlying SparksMy Biggest Lesson Learned in 2013 (Part 2)My Biggest Lesson Learned in 2013GivingKindsEvangelizing the DeadAdvent EvangelismJesus’ TranscriptHandle With CareThe Genesis of DivisionTeleology and the GospelTetelestai!Black FridayWarning!!Remove the SandalsPartnership in the GospelOvercomeWDJD?Victory! (We must never forget)Jeremiah 29:11The Comfort of Sound TheologyThe Burdening of the BrethrenOnce Justified, Always JustifiedThe Gravity of Genesis 15The Litmus Test: A Response to “Strange Fire”Be GentleJoy?A Lesson from the Berean’sRest Assured… Part 2: The Assured Rest (Due to Our Hope)Rest AssuredA Framework for the Christian LifeWho Me?Under ConstructionCommandment 5Just Bloom, Where You Are PlantedWhat Romans 1 Can Teach Us Men About Spiritual Leadership in our HomeYet, Another Reason to PrayWhat’s with the pic?

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