The “Good News” 

God, in the Person of Jesus Christ, took His wrath upon Himself for those who recognize that they deserve that wrath.

Why did God do this?

Because, God has both compassion and love for such people; people who not only recognize that they deserve that wrath due to their sins (repent), but who also trust that Jesus Christ (their Lord and Savior) accomplished the appeasement of God’s wrath for them when He died on the cross and then rose again three days later (2,000 years ago in Palestine). Jesus is qualified for this because He is not only the Son of God… but He is God.

Acts 17:30-31 (ESV)
The times of ignorance God overlooked, but NOW He commands ALL people EVERYWHERE to repent, because He has FIXED a day on which He will JUDGE the world in righteousness by a MAN whom He has APPOINTED; and of this He has given ASSURANCE to all by RAISING Him from the DEAD.

Romans 2:16 (ESV)
God judges the SECRETS of men by Christ Jesus.

Romans 10:13 (ESV)
EVERYONE who calls on the name of the Lord will be SAVED.

Godspeed, to the brethren!