The Law of Christ

If you haven’t read “The Law of Christ” by Charles Leiter, I highly recommend that you do. The edifying nature of this book cannot be described from my perspective.

It’s that good.

Below are three recently posted videos of Charles Leiter speaking about this topic. I have cited quotes from each above the video that the quote or quotes are taken from. I pray that the Lord blesses you as much as He has me, through this book and teachings by Charles Leiter…

“Think of this… What do you think is greater? You shall not commit adultery, or husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church? Which of those standards is higher? Think about it… We’ve got to have our minds renewed to see what we are dealing with here.”

“We’ve moved out of the realm of demand, and we’re in the realm of supply (or what the Bible calls grace)…. There’s two realms. You know, there’s a realm of law, and over here there’s a realm of grace. There’s a realm of the flesh, and over here is the realm of the Spirit. There’s a realm of condemnation, and over here is the realm of justification. This is the realm of sin, this is the realm of righteousness. We’re over here in this realm. And, over in this realm, nothing depends ultimately on us. Back in that realm, when you were under the law, it was conditioned on you. Let me give you an example of this. Peter has a problem with self confidence. It’s a sin problem. He’s over here in the realm of grace. The Lord Jesus engineers a situation where Peter will fail, so that that problem of self confidence can be dealt with. So, that he can be stronger, and after this is over (when you turn again, not if you turn again) you’ll be able to help these other guys out. You’ll be able to strengthen the brethren. Do you see what we are talking about, a realm of supply, rather than a realm of demand? You may be shocked in your Christian life. You may have things come out and you’re shocked at how much sin still remains, and how bad you still are in some ways. But, God isn’t shocked. He knew about all that before He ever chose you. And, He sets to work when He saves you… He says, ‘Look, I won’t turn away from you, to do you good. Not only that, but I’ll put the fear of Me in you, so that you won’t turn away from Me.’ That’s supply. That’s grace. And so, He does, He undertakes to do for us everything. He says, ‘I’ll cleanse you from all your filthiness and all your idols.’ There’s things in your life, after you’ve become a Christian, and God says, ‘I’m going to work on those. I’m not going to leave you alone, until I make you like Christ.’ …Now, if you don’t find that happening in your life, you ought to be afraid. But, if you are a child of God, you find that happening.” 

“It’s the Law of Christ. It’s not a list of rules (of do’s and don’ts). It cannot be codified. It’s to incisive to be codified… It’s a lot easier to preach about it, than it is to do it.”

“He was love incarnate. ‘God is love.’ (1 John 4:8) What you see in Christ is you see God, walking around as a man… perfectly fulfilling love, to God and His fellow man.” 

Godspeed, to the brethren!

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